The most famous poker players

Today poker players have become world stars like movie actors or singers, some players have millions of fans on social networks and web pages dedicated to their news, most of them have contracts sponsorship with casinos or online poker sites, and there are even players that have played in movies, his famous players are of different ages and nationalities, among these most famous players in the poker world we find Chris Ferguson nicknamed “Jesus”, Gus Hansen, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey and also Daniel Negreanu.

Christopher Ferguson “Jesus” the poker mathematician

Nicknamed “Jesus” because of his long hair and beard Chris Ferguson is one of the most gifted players in modern poker, he started playing poker at a young age before becoming a professional player in 1994, he was among the first to play online poker and it was during his college studies, known for his mathematical ability and a very difficult style of play to predict, also adding that he is a PhD in computer science and the founder from poker site Full Tilt Poker, Chris Ferguson has won 5 WSOP bracelets and his winnings exceed $ 8 million.

Gus Hansen the Danish player nicknamed “The Great Dane”

Gus Hansen is one of today’s poker elites and one of the most famous players in the world, before becoming a professional poker player in 1997 he was a tennis player from which he won a junior tournament, known for his unpredictable and sometimes very aggressive as much as by his calm during the poker games, he won several titles including three in the WPT where he almost broke the record with a fourth victory in 2008 as well as a WSOP title in September 2010 and several final tables; his participations have enabled him to win several million dollars in tournaments and to invest in other activities relating to poker including the online poker room pokerchamps.

Phil Hellmuth, a living legend of poker

Phil Hellmuth is the world’s most successful poker player with 13 WSOP bracelets, and the youngest to win the main tournament at the age of 24 in 1989, yet he was never able to win the WPT which will remain the beast. black Phil whose he participated in two final tables but without success, nicknamed “The Poker Brat” which means the bad kid of the poker because of his arrogance and his remarks of bad taste towards his adversaries during the tournaments of poker; in addition to his poker tournament activities Phil Hellmuth has produced numerous poker instructional videos and has written several poker articles and books, Phil is married with two children, also Phil Hellmuth is a member of the Poker Hall Of Fame.

Phil Ivey “Tiger Wood” of poker

Phil Ivey’s dream was to become a professional poker player, something he was able to achieve with the help of his grandfather and his passion for poker, he will spend a lot of time training and learning poker techniques, before winning his first WSOP title in 2000 at the age of 23 and stringing together victories in other tournaments, nicknamed the Tiger Wood of poker Phil is known for his unpredictable style in the game where he was able to win 8 bracelets of the WSOP where he was able to win over $ 15 million.

Daniel Negreanu Canada’s Most Popular Poker Player

Daniel Negreanu nicknamed “Kid Poker” is a Canadian professional poker player born in 1974 in Toronto, at the age of 17 he decides to become a professional player where he was able to win several tournaments in Canada before leaving for Las Vegas for gain more experience and win his first WSOP bracelet at the age of 23 in 1998 and win three more bracelets and two WPT tournaments from which he was able to accumulate over $ 13 million, he participates in other tournaments online mostly on the Pokerstars site and in poker TV shows.

Author: Casino Rulz