The different types of online poker tournaments

In the majority of online poker rooms you are offered online poker tournaments of different types and levels, these tournaments can be with entrance fees or they can be free and some of them offer places in major international competitions such as poker EPT or WPT, among the most popular tournaments there are tournaments Sit and Go , the satellite tournaments and Multi-Table tournaments.

Sit and Go tournaments

This is one of the most popular tournaments on online poker sites usually under the no-limit Texas Hold’em variant and can be between 9 and 10 players at a table or between two head-up players one on one. , when the players pay the buy-in they receive chips and when the table is full the game has started, and takes place as the principle of poker tournaments, the best players will be paid at the end of the game and will share the winnings according to prizepool.

Online poker tournaments

Sit and Go tournaments start every minute in online poker rooms and the buy-ins range from a few cents to several hundred dollars, there are different types of Sit and Go tournaments like Fifty50, Steps , etc.

Multi-Table tournaments

As the name suggests it is a tournament that takes place on several tables in poker rooms where players are spread over several tables and start the game on a specific date and time, so they are automatically moved from table to table during the tournament to keep the same number of players at each table. The prizes during Multi-Table tournaments can be significant considering the number of players in the tournament.

Satellite tournaments

These are tournaments that allow players to participate in larger competitions or with high buy-ins such as WPT or EPT, in which the winner of this type of tournament participates by paying a lower price than the buy-in. -in necessary to play it, generally in poker rooms the winners of some Multi-Table tournaments participate in the satellite tournaments.

There are about ten other types of tournaments offered in online poker rooms such as turbo tournaments, Rebuys tournaments, Heads up tournaments and others depending on each online poker room.

Author: Casino Rulz